by Hands of God

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Recorded, mixed, mastered by Cole Kakimoto.

Hands of God is Adrian, Elliot, Jeffrey, Jnut & Theo.


released July 13, 2016


all rights reserved



Hands of God San Jose, California

Flatspot Records

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Track Name: Burning Season
A mundane existence
Intellectuals dull
Warriors cower
With nothing more to destroy
And with no dignity nor control
We turn on each other
And by the saving grace of ignorance
Bickering evolves to war
This is where it all ends
The burning season is upon us
Track Name: Ethnic Decay
Buildings are crumbling
The earth is shaking
My patience collapsing
The pain forsaking
I'm watching my country burn to the ground
Follow the smoke and don't make a sound

The American Dream isn't what it seems
It's an enticing cover filled with lies on the pages in between

Laying your train tracks
Cutting your grass
Racially profiled
Police attacks

Your sense of pride
It's polished trash
Don't forget
Who created this divide

The peace was never there
A sleeping beast roused by genocide
Only a matter of time
Till our worlds collide

Of the human race
Of our God given rights
Of your rotting minds
Of your perfect world
Track Name: Evidence of Breath
Lost in the grand scheme
Discovering that there really ain't shit
Living in pain
Killing for gain
Life, what's in front of you is it
That's it

There was never any promise
Never any cure
There was never any happiness
Never any love

Falsely accomplished
Internal conflict
Morale demolished
Wasted life chasing silhouettes
Burning everything just to forget

There was never any promise
Never any cure
There was never any happiness
Never any love

An imperfect creation
Destined for damnation

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