Blueprint for Self Destruction

by Hands of God

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released January 9, 2019


all rights reserved



Hands of God San Jose, California

Flatspot Records

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Track Name: No Mercy
Piece of flesh
Drop of blood
Pound for pound I will cut you down
You've had your chance
You know where I stand
There will be no mercy

When you think you've escaped from me (you won't)
The moment you don't fear and pray
I'll shatter the fantasy you've gotten away
Weak motherfucker it's the price you'll pay

A head for an eye
A stab for a cut
Ignorance is bliss till you're begging to die

Now you're afraid of the consequence for the choices you've made

Self-realization: I exist to hurt
A murderous secret I hide in my chest
A pact of violence that I've suppressed
I've planned your death and I'm fuckin obsessed

I touched darkness and let out a smile
Degrade myself just to feel a while
Disgusting and perverse, condemn my soul
I thrive in agony it makes me whole

No mercy for myself
No mercy for anyone else
Track Name: Sacrifice
Sacrifice myself
Cauterize the wounds in acceptance
Sacrifice myself
Momentary aches stop the bleeding of innocents

Self-induced illusions to hide the truth
Sacrifice myself
Denial, my delusions, paranoia grew
Sacrifice myself

Poison eases, so I abstain
Searching for salvation and uncovering pain
Worth is relative, I'm worthless
A layer of hell all to myself

I've thrown it away and I'll do it again
This time with purpose, not like back then
Sacrifice myself

Sacrifice knowing there was never anything
Sacrifice knowing I will always be nothing
The crying face of my mother, gotta make this right
For you I'd die, make this my last night
No light

Sacrifice myself
Sacrifice no light
Track Name: 245A
The process begins
With the reduction of a soul to a color
Stripping traditions, suppressing identity
Bleaching our minds, the only remedy

Justice is nowhere
The innocents left in anguish
Self-hatred instilled
Systematic oppression
Correlation of color and suspicion

Scales imbalanced, only money connects
Impoverished grieve, true evil collects
A place where race threatens security
Born charged with the crime of impurity

Guns to my face
Cuffs on my wrist
Knees to my back
Treat me like a savage
And I'll become the animal you want me to be

A jaundice complexion
Provoking true disgust
Black eyes, no expression
The essence of distrust

Reduce me
Condition me
Incarcerate me
I will never be free
Track Name: Ethnic Decay
Buildings are crumbling
The earth is shaking
My patience collapsing
The pain forsaking
I'm watching my country burn to the ground
Follow the smoke and don't make a sound

The American Dream isn't what it seems
It's an enticing cover filled with lies on the pages in between

Laying your train tracks
Cutting your grass
Racially profiled
Police attacks

Your sense of pride
It's polished trash
Don't forget
Who created this divide

The peace was never there
A sleeping beast roused by genocide
Only a matter of time
Till our worlds collide

Purification of the human race
Violation of our God given rights
Masturbation of your rotting minds
Devastation of your perfect world
Track Name: W.M.D.
I am the man I never wanted to be
Living with the guilt for those I've hurt
Light casts the shadow of an addict
A lingering reminder of my failures

Treading in a lake of sin
Bricks of my past crammed within
Righteousness pulling at my skin

Darkness envelops all
Standing in the distance a menacing blur
A haze of confusion, in the shape of fear
By the time you hear
You're already dead

Courage, circumstantial and temporary
Moments of strength dictate your destiny
Nothing is forever
Love exists only through hatred

My endless pride
Smug and horrified
Controlled by greed
Watching others bleed
Insatiable lust
Violating trust
Divine wrath
My blood stained path

True fear, embraced by those who survive
Every breath I take fills my lungs
With envy for the happiness deprived

Cleanse the earth and say goodbye
If seeing is believing, I've watched myself die

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